Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs is a Florida-based CBD manufacturer that offers an astonishing variety of different CBD products. Hemp Bombs plants and cultivates their own hemp and is in charge of the entire process from seed to sale. This means they grow, process, and bottle all in house which allows them to be in control of quality every step of the way. Hemp Bombs grows and sources all of their hemp from organic hemp farms in Europe which is actually great because organic Scandinavian hemp is subject to much stricter rules and regulations than hemp grown in the US. This means it is cleaner, purer and even more potent. Unlike a lot of other brands, Hemp Bomb CBD products are made using 99% pure CBD isolate instead of full spectrum extract. The main benefit of using pure CBD isolate instead of the whole-plant extract is there is absolutely ZERO THC, not even trace amounts. All of Hemp Bombs CBD products are labeled as having 0% THC. Hemp Bombs offers a wide variety of different products such as, CBD Oil, Gummies, Capsules, Vape Oil and so much more! Shop Hemp Bombs today and see why they are one of the most well-known brands in the booming CBD industry.

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