Sauc CBD (pronounced sauce) creates CBD Vape Oil products that are made using 99% pure CBD isolate and a carefully crafted blend of PG/VG. Sauc CBD also contains organic terpenes creating strain specific profiles from some of the most well-known cannabis strains. All of Sauc's CBD comes from organic US Grown, non-GMO, pesticide free, CO2 extracted hemp. The terpene profiles used by Suac are uniquely crafted to the typical terpene profile of popular cannabis strains such as sour diesel, girl scout cookies, and granddaddy purple.

Sauc strain specific CBD Vape Oil contains a blend of USP kosher vegetable glycerin, Bio-Based (non-GMO) Propylene Glycol, 99% CBD Isolate and organic terpenes. Sauce CBD products allow you to enjoy great tasting CBD with the added benefits of terpenes. Sauc CBD is available in CBD Vape Oil or pre-filled pods.

All Sauc CBD products are manufactured in the USA and third-party lab tested to ensure they are free of all pesticides, solvents, metals, contaminants, and THC.

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