Cacade CBD Hemp Flower

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The Original Hemp Buds were one of the first companies to offer Hemp Flower. All of their flower is grown on organic farms in Oregon or Indoor farms in Upstate New York. They use no pesticides, sprays or fertilizers. This Cacade strain tests at just under 14% Total CBD and contains a wide terpene profile. Δ9 THC at .04% well under the legal limit of .3% View the lab results for full details of terpenes.

The Cascade Strain has long dense buds with lots of orange hairs and beautiful green color. Depending on the batch the nugs can also be shorter and denser. Cascade Hemp Flower doesn't have the strongest aroma of all the Hemp Flower we offer but it has an earthy and grass-like smell. While the smell might not be as strong the effects definitely still are. Cascade is a Sativa dominant strain and provides an uplifting energetic effect that works great for pain relief.

All Hemp Flower is shipped in sealed bags or jars and comes with lab reports and Letter to Law Enforcement. All shipping and packaging is discreet!

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