Venice Kush - Gelato CBD Pre Roll

Brand: Venice Kush
$14.99 + Free Shipping

Venice Kush Hemp CBD Pre Rolls comes in a resealable glass tube to preserve the freshness of your Hemp Flower. These pre-rolls are made using American grown hemp that is high in CBD. These are lab tested and made from sun grown hemp flower that is fed pure mountain spring water for the purest flavor.

The Gelato Strain is well known for its incredible taste and aroma and is a hybrid of Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet. The Gelato strain has an earthy, sweet aroma with clear notes of citrus, berry, orange, and lavender. Gelato is great for muscles aches, pain and nausea. Be careful because Gelato is known for seriously increasing your appetite.

  • 1 Gram Per Pre Roll
  • Glass Tube
  • Paper Filter

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